Celebrating Global Running Day and Environment Day with conscious trail runners 

Running Day

Trail runners speak out: uniting passion for running and environmental preservation

Green Trail Concept is all about making our passion for running in stunning nature more sustainable and we wanted to celebrate the special occasion of combining Global Running Day and Environment Day by giving voices to trail runners from different European countries to express what running means to them and why is an important tool for environment preservation. 

Here’s what Maud, Denisa, Judith, Shahid, and Juan had to say. 

Maud de Montigny (France) 

“I run to feel alive, to discover who I am, to soothe my pain, to embrace my freedom, for simple pleasures, and to return to what matters in the heart of the magnificent mountains, far from a materialistic, oppressive society where everything moves too fast. Ultra running is a way of life: living outdoors.”   

Denisa Dragomir (Romania) 

“Running is my life. I can’t imagine it without running. I discovered this passion as a teenager, and we have grown up together. Running helped me become who I am today. It introduced me to the beauty of nature and places where only eagles fly. Now, more than ever, I want to run for the rest of my life to show my little daughter the beauty of this sport.”   

Judith Havers (Germany) 

“Running brings me calmness, strength, and exploration. It’s my way of clearing my mind, staying healthy and fit, and feeling life to the fullest.”   

Shahid Ashraf (Pakistan) 

“For me, trail running is a special escape from city life. It offers a chance to connect with nature, reflect on personal and athletic goals, and meet incredible people. Running in the mountains has helped me integrate socially in Barcelona and share great experiences.”   

Juan Dual (Spain) 

“Running defines my life and freedom. It has been a life jacket, helping me recover from major surgeries and extreme pain due to cancer. It also inspires others to overcome their challenges. Running connects me with a diverse community and deepens my appreciation for nature, reminding me of the importance of preserving our planet.”   

Join the Conversation 

We’ve heard from these inspiring runners, but what does running mean to you? And how can we use it to protect the natural areas where it takes place? Take this opportunity to reflect and find new ways to protect the environment and the communities that sustain this amazing sport!