Green Trail Concept is a project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, that seeks to improve the governance of trail running events by incorporating environmentally, socially, and ethically sustainable practices in the management of mountain running events.

Green Trail Concept integrates the principles of environmental protection, inclusion, and social justice in the organisation and management of trail running events. The project engages trail running event participants, audiences, sport organizations, and public administrations in taking more sustainable actions oriented at reducing the impact on natural environments, protected areas, and their surrounding social and economic landscape.

To accomplish these goals, Green Trail Concept develops and promotes an EU sustainability certification scheme to plan, analyse, monitor, and evaluate the trail running organizations, providing an assessment on their sustainability performance and guidance for their improvement.

At the same time, Green Trail Concept provides a platform for the dissemination and communication of best practices in trail running events. Running over a period of 3 years, Green Trail Concept reaches out to the trail running community to increase awareness of the impact derived from their practices and to stimulate behavioural change through small individual actions.

Green Trail Concept brings together four leading institutions with diverse skills and experience on the topics of trail running, sustainability, and science communication, allowing for synergies and fruitful collaborations: the Ecoserveis Association, the Kilian Jornet Foundation, GRID-Arendal, and ADP Sport Events AB.

Ecoserveis Assosiation promotes a fair and sustainable energy model, based on renewable resources, to meet social and economic needs.

GRID-Arendal is a non-profit environmental communications centre based in Norway.

The Kilian Jornet Foundation works towards the preservation of mountains and their environment.
We believe that community strength and small steps lead to bigger transitions.

ADP sport events AB organises sport events focusing on sustainability and rural development in the Swedish region of south-east Scania.