Certification Tool


Green Trail Concept Certification Tool

Welcome to the heart of Green Trail Concept’s mission!

The central goal of Green Trail Concept is to develop a tool for certifying the sustainability of trail running events.

Imagine a tool that’s intuitive, interactive, and available to trail running event organizers, allowing them to monitor and assess their sustainability performance, ensuring their contribution to the environmental and socioeconomic resilience of the rural and mountain areas in which running races take place.

The tool will allow the trail running organizers to introduce data about the performance of the trail running events in the 3 pillars of sustainability: environmental, social, and economic. Then, the tool will compare this data to high-quality standards of sustainability defined through a rigorous methodology of selection and definition of indicators. Based on the degree of completion of the standards, the organizer will receive a Green Trail Certification that will recognize and validate their sustainability commitments in the sector of trail running at an EU level.

Regardless of the score, there is always room for improvement in sustainability, so our tool will provide personalized guidelines based on the results obtained, aiming to give support to the organizers in achieving the optimal conditions for the protection of rural and mountain ecosystems and living communities.

Excited yet? Hold onto your trail running shoes because we’re putting the finishing touches on this certification scheme and tool. So stay tuned to the Green Trail Concept developments and updates to stay informed and not miss the launch of the tool!