Social pillar

Social indicators in trail running events are essential tools for assessing and promoting the social dimensions of sustainability. Those indicators help to capture the broader social impacts and benefits generated by the events, guide decision-making and planning processes, facilitate stakeholder engagement, and ensure that sporting events contribute positively to the well-being and development of individuals and communities.

The social pillar refers to values that promotes respect for individual rights and equality, with such principles of combating social exclusion and discrimination, promote solidarity and contribute to the well-being at a local and global level. 

The following social impacts should be considered when performing outdoor running events:

Social Justice

Social justice is important because it ensures fairness, equality, and opportunity for all individuals within a society, regardless of their background, identity, or circumstances. Green Trail Concept works to promote social justice within the race organization team and staff/volunteers associated. The aim is to identify different indicators that sustain the main pillars of what this project understands as social justice. 

Social Impact  

Contributing to enhance the reputation and image of the hosting community, by showcasing the community’s strengths, unique features, and cultural heritage to a wider audience. This positive perception can attract investment, tourism, and further opportunities for growth and development. A pride-inducing event encourages community members to actively participate and volunteer. It provides an opportunity for individuals to contribute their skills, time, and resources to make the event successful. This engagement strengthens the sense of ownership and collective responsibility within the community.